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​EnrichAbility is an enrichment-based program for children 1-5 years old. It is a program created by a Speech-Language Pathologist and an Early Childhood Learning Specialist, specifically designed to provide your child with a solid foundation for early academic learning and social success. Each class consists of a small group of children so that individualized attention can be provided for all. Classes take place in the child's home. You get the group together and we will come to you!

EnrichAbility helps your child become comfortable following a school routine while having fun. Each class has a weekly theme based on a story. Learning takes place through story time, snack time, an art project, music, meeting time and more! Since repetition and consistency are key components to early learning success, materials, lessons and routines are constantly being reviewed while new material is being introduced. We believe these 6 "abilities" are key to improving a child's early academic and social success. All of these skills will be worked on throughout each EnrichAbility session.

 Abilities of EnrichAbility


4.  MotorAbility: Increase a child’s exposure to different exploratory textures. Improve fine motor skills through use of various manipulatives (crayons, Pegs, etc). Improve gross motor skills through music and games (jumping, dancing, etc).

5.  LiteracyAbility:Enhance a child’s love for story and books. Improve a child’s understanding of a story. Increase a child’s letter recognition skills. Introduce a child to letter sounds.

​6.  TransitionAbility: Improve a child’s ability to transition from one activity to the next. Begin to transition away from parent or caregiver and increase separation skills.  

1.  LanguageAbility: Increase a child’s receptive and expressive language skills, build vocabulary and increase a child’s ability to ask and answer wh- questions.

2.  SocialAbility: Improve a child’s ability to interact and play with peers. Improve turn-taking skills and listening skills. Increase attention span during structured activities.

​3.  MathAbility:Improve knowledge of age appropriate concepts- numbers, shapes, and colors. Improve matching skills and counting skills.